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Diary #2 - Taking Time to Re-Group

I've had a busy few weeks, we have been lucky to have had some cheeky family weekends which have been so lovely. My braces have been fitted now hopefully this a more visible sign of me getting back together.

The key thing we did was taking the time for a few days. Rehab is like a full time job and Chris is slowly heading back to work but it has been so important to take some time out together.

We headed to one of our favourite spots, Babington House in Somerset. We did have mixed feelings about going back, its where we had our baby moon, in our typical over-chilled style a few day before I had Louis. Probably best not leave it so close next time.

We occasionally did take time out before but we have never needed it so badly. We both enjoyed spa treatments and as usual easy got some much needed products. There are still some downsides to wearing a neck brace for so long, although important, the skin where it was has had it rough! Not that I only achieved a new skin routine! We learnt the importance of taking real time out to gather our thoughts, making steps to reform and put ourselves back together and formulate some sort of plan.

I hadn't realised how goal orientated we are until this happened but Chris and our friends and family would laugh at that, we are so goal focussed. We achieved the kind of clarity you can only achieve having a 9am latte white with pastries in a tranquil walled garden on a Monday morning. You just can't get this clarity at home with the every day mess weighing you down. In this case our thoughts were on the next year and how we have to shape what happened and not let it define us.

We have made some decisions on where to live we have to move on from our old life which was reliant on having your own car, which I currently cannot drive so its not a helpful location.

So it looks like September will be the start of our next chapter. Its not exciting for us, obviously we wouldn't want to be in this situation but my goodness we are taking control of it. We thought what the charity should be seeking to achieve including reflecting on what were the gaps Chris and I experienced and what would have helped or made things slightly more easier.

The work of our charity will give me a real sense of purpose which is so important on so many levels (for more information visit

Little wins of the week: ironing my shirt (first for me for a while), making the spare bed for our guests and managing to get to our seats at the Wimbledon final, they were amazing and great to see Novak win, but I have to say Wimbledon's idea of accessible leaves a lot to be desired (stairs...).

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Jul 20, 2021

You are both extraordinary, as individuals and gosh, so much more than the sum of your parts. I can't imagine being so brave, yet (despite not knowing you), I can hear you saying "What choice do we have?"

Some would sink, you will swim, keeping one another's heads above the water. Sometimes spluttering, sometimes a rather marvellous swan like glide, sometimes you'll be so exhausted, you'll refuse to leave your bed. But you'll make it.

Most wouldn't have made it this far. But goodness Rachael, when you weren't with us,it was clear to see what an incredible husband you have. His love and pride in you was deeply moving. He adores you and never gave up.

Then you…


Chris Thorold
Chris Thorold
Jul 13, 2021


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