The Importance of Having 'Your Mantra'

I managed to delete several drafts of this entry and cut and pasted it incorrectly... It is extremely frustrating but I’ve got to keep trying and it will get better. My ability to type and text has really come on so much, so hopefully the rest can too although it’s still disproportionately slow and predictive text doesn’t always go in my favour. I’ve learned that so much hard work and sometimes soul destroying work is needed to get back to, or as close to that as you can be.

What do you do in your Spare Time?

This question was recently asked of me. And to be honest I didn’t know. They might of well asked me ‘who are you’, an answer I still cannot give. I’ve started to feel less transparent like I was almost wiped out by a pencil rubber (which technically I was). I’ve thought about what I do with my time a lot, so much of it is taken by rehab. My every day activities and priorities are so so different to what they were. They had been changed by pregnancy and then the newborn and ba

A Birthday Plea - Making Sure All Drivers Are Safe

Last week we should have been celebrating Louis' 1st birthday which I image would be full of swimming! He loved swimming. He was the only baby who fell asleep in his first swimming class and maybe we would have gotten him a paddling pool and there would have been a special cake... In fact I can say with confidence that would have been ordered. He would have had special and super stylish outfits for the occasion too. At Christmas I was out of control, there was about a wee

Diary #2 - Taking Time to Re-Group

I've had a busy few weeks, we have been lucky to have had some cheeky family weekends which have been so lovely. My braces have been fitted now hopefully this a more visible sign of me getting back together. The key thing we did was taking the time for a few days. Rehab is like a full time job and Chris is slowly heading back to work but it has been so important to take some time out together. We headed to one of our favourite spots, Babington House in Somerset. We did have m