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These are MY Sunglasses

Sunglasses, a simple stylish yet practical accessory on a sunny day or ideal for hiding red and tired eyes. A protection from the glare of the sun and society. Well my new pair meant so much more than that.

"A protection from the glare of the sun and society."

Having a super small head, big cheeks and a very modest chin it’s not easy to find a good pair of sunglasses. It takes work.

So on top of everything else I was not impressed that I lost my sunglasses when we were hit by that van.

Pretty shortly after I got home from hospital in May last year we went to get some new ones.

This trip was not successful. Yes, I got two new pairs but they were not flattering and to be honest just walking from the car to the shop was a real struggle. I can still remember the exhaustion.

By the time we reached the shop I just didn’t care. On top of this Chris failed to give me proper feedback. I just trusted what he said.

‘They are the same as your old pair anyway’.

They were not and they did not look good. To add to the poor design choice once home we had to cover the right lens on both pairs.

These unflattering sunglasses are all too big now anyway as the face swelling disappears.

So on a Friday afternoon we headed to my favourite shop for accessories, Mulberry. I had already researched and had a short list (my occupational therapist will love this!) but nothing beats trying them on and making a decision in person.

The proportions and style work well for me, they are feminine, stylish and chic. I felt the previous ones just weren’t. Plus I don’t have to cover a lens as the double vision continues to be more manageable.

These are my sunglasses, my choice and my style. This was a purchase back on my terms.

Chris also treated me to a new slightly larger handbag (size and weight now matter a lot). This was my new smile treat.

I was able to walk relatively easily and smoothly to the shop, interacting well and confidently with the very helpful sales assistant.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a very nice cocktail at our favourite hotel bar to celebrate. Chris usually needs a strong drink after I’ve ‘properly’ treated myself.

Rachael xx


Quick wins

Well not really ‘quick’ but I jogged very gently on the spot and round the gym lightly supported by one of my physios. This is progress. That ‘running’ handbag is in sight.


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1 Comment

Jun 14, 2022

They are the same as your old pair anyway.’


”I’m fed up with shopping, they all look the same to me and I am so in love with you that you’d look amazing with homemade sunglasses made out of yogurt pots and silver foil.”

Love the new sunglasses. They look fantastic. Somewhat Jackie O, but a more restrained, less WOAH, Jackie O. x

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