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Rachael's Rehabilitation Diary #1

What happened to us and this recovery mountain came out of nowhere. It is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but its my reality.

The amount of heartbreak is beyond recognition and is the baseline feeling of everyday. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of how people have their lives turned upside down and how much effort goes into recovery physically and mentally.

I also want/need to share and express our pain but also highlight the work and messages of the Louis Thorold Foundation which I am so unashamedly proud of. I'm so saddened to know that Chris and I aren't the first or last parents to go through this pain but hopefully we can reduce the number of children killed or injured in the UK.

Surely in 2021 its wrong that you have everything taken away from you and have to fight for your life walking on a pavement.

Brain injuries are very personal and very self-specific but I was almost scared of what kind of life I was going to have as I struggled to find relevant posts on this. Not that I'm being critical but the relevant life style information was for older people! So I thought I'm not the only mid-thirties women facing this, so it makes sense to share in all the highs and lows.

I still have the same passions and interest I use to have, and I can still rack up the bill in Reiss and still easy be up sold anything in Space NK which all have accessible shops by the way!

This week my priority was to get my hair done and it really is true a good hair cut and colour can make you feel like a million dollars. Obs I didn't feel like a million dollars but I did feel a bit more recognisable and good hair cut is priceless. I was surprised how well the day went, meeting up with a friend for coffee before hand where I learned next time to sit away from the coffee machine as they are noisy when in use. Sundays are a good time for a hair appoint as its not to busy in the saloon and the high street.

I hope you have a lovely weekend my sister is coming down to see me which I am looking forward to and we have (early and local) dinner plans for Saturday night. I hope to be able to share my latest adventures in the next few weeks.

Lots of love, Rachael x

To find out more about our charity please visit

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What a warm, honest and brave blog. l’m looking forward to the next instalment already. I hope you have a lovely time with your sister! Rowena xxx


Chris Thorold
Chris Thorold
Jun 25, 2021

Such an inspiring read!

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