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And That's Another Sign Gone

Today my driver didn’t recognise me from my account photo which was from August last year. Its now time to update my profile.

This is a huge step forward and I smiled all the way to physio.

The fake glasses with the obscure lens remain gone and the good news is the double vision is less prominent.

The facial swelling is pretty much gone. It takes around a year to 18 months (who knew!). The swelling took years off me. My face hadn’t been so plump since I was 16.

But really I was just an unrecognisable moon face.

I could write a small book just on my skincare and facial recovery and rehab. Which is again is centred around consistency and now includes a much needed a facial weekly.

The impact of the serious drugs and a neck brace for months needs to be managed as do the effects of most of my face being broken.

Not only is it nice downtime, a facial gives a much needed deep cleanse and the massage helps the muscles, movement and circulation in my face.

This is why I’ve been treated to some much needed cleansing balm so I can give my face a daily mini massage whilst I remove makeup. This new product has now made into my sisters’ routines. So highly recommended.

To reduce the slight but noticeable sag on the right hand side of my face especially around my eye a lift has been provided by Botox. Now don’t get me wrong I made sure the fine and brow lines were also soften.

"But it was a massive step forward and I looked so much like me when I looked in the mirror."

But it was a massive step forward and I looked so much like me when I looked in the mirror.

The braces have been removed. We are so pleased as it was unclear whether my teeth would react. This can happen after a broken jaw and trauma as your teeth can ‘freeze’ up. If not, I would of had my jaw re-broken.

But luckily my teeth moved and faster then expected. It’s lovely to have a beautiful smile which of course I’ve whitened but more importantly I can now close my teeth properly and I have a normal functioning bite.

Like all of this, there is permanent damage. One of my front teeth has been chipped. It’s just more permanent damage. It will go unnoticed by most but it’s there forever.

Over the 9 month treatment my bite expanded back to a near adult size. When it first started I could barely cope with child size moulds.

The top braces had clear and less noticeable brackets but I was still conscious of them. It was another visual remainder that yet another part of me is in rehab.

There removal marked another key milestone. Slowly I’m coming back together. It takes time and to be honest I was so naïve as to how much and the range of rehab I would need.

Finally, the steam on the bathroom mirror is slowly clearing. At first I could only make out the blurry rough shape of me.

Now I can recognise myself. Yes, I’ve been changed in so many ways but it’s a much needed familiar face. Appearances don’t define or make you. But it’s so good to drop the big visual signs of what happened.

Rachael xx


Quick wins

Managed unfazed to work round a road closure for my drop off and pick up to my wellness clinic.

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Lana Del Ray, Young and Beautiful

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?


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30 de mar. de 2022

You look beautiful, but more than that, you really do look as though you have finally found yourself again. It’s so lovely to see this and read your words, particularly as for so long, you have felt so lost and unsure as to who you are. We’re all different things to different people, of course, but I see a beautiful, intelligent, strong and determined women. A mum, wife, sister, daughter and friend, with fabulous hair and who knew eyebrow envy was a thing! 😍 Let’s not forget that blouse. I love these big collars.

And how do you always look so groomed, I type, with a moulting cat sat on my lap, hair that’s forgotten what a hairdresser is…

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