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Make the A10 Safe

The A10 North of Cambridge is unsafe, we propose to:

  1. Reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 30mph between the A14 and Denny End Road

  2. Erect safety barriers to protect pedestrians from fast moving traffic at junctions

  3. Install traffic lights or a longer term solution to make junctions safe once and for all

We need our council to protect our children and design out the danger from our roads.

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Harmonious Roads

All roads can be made safe through design.  One death on the road is too many and we must stop accepting deaths on our roads.  Louis' life would have been saved by appropriate road design segregating pedestrians from traffic or reducing speed limits to a safe level.  Let's stop blaming drivers and start ensuring our councils and road designers are creating safe places.

It’s simple, Traffic Deaths are Preventable but only if we change the way we think about the road system.  20mph by default is the start.

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Re-Test Elderly Drivers from 70

The driver who killed Louis was an elderly woman in her 70s who wasn't medically fit to drive.  Elderly drivers are more likely to kill a vulnerable road user than any other age group.  

All drivers must be safe to drive to hold a licence.  We can't rely on self certification.  

We need annual testing and medical certification to ensure sight, perception, reaction time and hearing.​

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